psychiatric treatment in attleboro, ma

How To Heal From Gaslighting

One of the common types of psychiatric abuse is gaslighting, which is where there is a massive power imbalance. It is one of the ways to exert control over someone, and the sooner you can realize that you are being gaslighted, the better.

Gaslighting is where someone manipulates the environment and thoughts of others to induce doubt and distrust of everything but them. For example, someone might move things around or make small changes. When the victim recognizes the changes, the gaslighter will deny them.

psychiatric treatment in attleboro, ma

If the victim always puts their purse in a certain spot, and the gaslighter moves it, then they might say. “Don’t be silly, you’ve always put your purse in that new spot.”

It’s a form of emotional abuse, and if you’ve been gaslit for many years, you might need psychiatric treatment in attleboro, ma to fully heal from it. Doctors and therapists will work with you to reintroduce trust of yourself back into your life. Once you start trusting yourself and your own judgement again, then we help you get back into the healthy relationships that you’ve always had with friends and family.

One of the primary tactics that gaslighters use is to make you feel like you are alone. They want you to feel like they are the only person that you can trust. But you are never alone, and you will need to talk to family, friends, and possibly a therapist to make sure that you can get a handle on what your reality is supposed to be.

Getting help and taking action is one of the best things you can do for your own mental health. Remember, gaslighting is abuse and it can be treated, and your abuser punished. You just need to find the right outlet to get help.