dual diagnosis treatment in mount holly, nj

What Is Meant By Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is not a term the layman and woman will be hearing every day. Although, could it be possible that professional sectors; legal, accounting, scientific and the like, business circles too perhaps, are utilising such expressions. It most certainly is being utilised in medicine. More specifically and in the context of this short introductory note dual diagnosis treatment in mount holly, nj will be applied to psychiatric and psychological evaluations.

In layman’s terms, this is how dual diagnosis could be termed. The word ‘dual’ essentially refers to the numerical ‘two’. No further need to explain this to you, right? Anyhow, in the context of the clinical psychologist or psychiatrist’s consulting rooms, the therapist is essentially analysing two conditions. On the most basic level, as the layman wishes to understand the process and objectives of dual diagnosis treatment, one condition or disorder has been reported or diagnosed.

dual diagnosis treatment in mount holly, nj

What good example can one use here? Let’s see now. Let’s see if we can’t squeeze in two good examples before this introductory article on the dual diagnosis treatment closes out. Here is the first example. Take the mature woman, now divorced and single, who has reported a lifelong addiction to sex. As the clinical therapy progresses, it then becomes clear that she had been responding irrationally to her suppressed memory of being sexually abused as a child.

Staying with the theme of sex addiction, there is this case. A middle aged man reports being addicted to what is now colloquially referred to as transsexual pornography. But it later comes out that this essentially nice man does have an emotional attraction/attachment to transgender women. And it also come out if you will that he has a degree of discomfort with his own body.