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What To Expect When Going To A Counselor

When seeking out a counselor, many people will go into it with a lot of preconceptions and beliefs as to how things are supposed to go and why.  In the minds of most people when looking into psychiatric services in jacksonville. fl they expect that it will work like it does on television or in the movies.  The truth is, when dealing with a counselor, it is a long drawn out process.

Initial consultation

The first thing that you will need to do is go in for an initial consultation.  This consultation will allow you to meet and talk to your counselor one on one and get to know each other.  When looking for someone to help you, there has to be some type of connection that will allow you both to move forward.

Talk about medications and treatments

If this is the first time that you are meeting with a counselor you may not go over this step but in general, you will talk about your past treatments with counselors, different medications that you have tried or that you are on and what they have done for you.  It is important that you be totally honest with them at this stage, so you don’t waste time trying things that haven’t worked in the past.

psychiatric services in jacksonville. fl

Don’t follow others, walk your own path

In many cases others in your life might not understand what it is you are doing or understand what it is you are going through.  You can’t listen to them or have them influence your way of thinking or doing things.  You need to walk your own path and do what it is that you need to do to make yourself a better person.  This process will take time and you may hurt the feelings of others.  This is okay, just let them know you love them and you are doing what is best for you and leave it at that.